Paul Gonzenbach

Paul Gonzenbach has released a lot of music over the past twenty years. The first eight of those years were spent working with his former band, The Jim Yoshii Pile-Up. The remainder of that time has been spent making music with other combinations of collaborators, or just by himself. While each of his records has its own personality, they’ve never strayed too terribly far from each other in style and arrangements. However, his latest album, called Holy Joy, wipes the slate clean and starts anew.

Made over the course of the past two years, Holy Joy was recorded in live takes with minimal overdubs. The instrumentation of the album is very spare and specific, and remains consistent through the album. Not fitting neatly into any genre or category, Holy Joy reimagines Gonzenbach’s sound with a palette of guitar and keyboard loops, minimal textures, and understated percussion. Listen to three tracks from the album below. Holy Joy is available now.

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